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Welcome to Aetherco.

 Æther Tales
  Updated AD 2024 January 18. MATURE READERS.
 Manui & Adams’ graphic narrative of the
 consequences of treating all the lives
 in the world as a game.  

 A Spell of Revenge.
 Unwilling travelers cannot
 escape, can never be rid of each
 other, across the vast expanse of
 the pagan northlands.

 New Thursdays, Whenever Possible.
 The Souls Purloined.
 The decennial inspection tour is
 sent across Europe to gauge the
 state of the Christian Church.

 New pages coming in 2024.

Yamara  Yamara
  Comic updated AD 2012 December 12.

The classic comic from Dragon magazine is collected here, including web-original episodes.
Get the original Yamara book from us on eBay!

Axe In My Head  Oh My God! There's an Axe In My Head.
  Updated AD 2023 August 15.

Oh My God! There's an Axe In My Head, the Game of International Diplomacy,
published by Game Company Nº 3, is Now Available from us on eBay!

Continuum  CºNTINUUM: roleplaying in The Yet
  Updated AD 2023 August 07.

The roleplaying game of genuine time travel, with exclusive downloads and links to CºNTINUUM resources.

Narcissist  NªRCISSIST: Crash Free
  Updated AD 2023 August 07.
Our long-awaited sequel game of dimensional wanderers and freedom fighters opposed to the Continuum.

Timelinks  Timelinks Time Travel Guide
  Updated AD 2015 February 01.

The Big List of over 850 time travel videos, movies & tv shows!

Chi-Chian  Chi-Chian the Roleplaying Game
  Updated AD 2023 August 06.

The gothic 31st Century comes freakishly alive in this rpg based on the works of the eclectic Voltaire.
Get it from us on eBay!


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